A Yoga Instructor’s Guide to Being Certified and Going Beyond

yoga instructorYoga is a physical activity that benefits not only your body but also your mental, spiritual, and emotional wellbeing. The transformative effects it has makes enthusiasts want to share the skill with others. Being a yoga instructor with certification is one way of doing this.

Responsibilities of a Yoga Instructor

A yoga instructor teaches yoga moves, leads a positive group experience, and provides personalized feedback. Yoga teachers from AntiGravity Fitness and the like are responsible for building the size of their classes. Networking and marketing to develop a client base for private sessions is necessary.

Personal Dedication

More than just outstanding classroom magnetism or skills in marketing, you’ll need to be dedicated to your personal yoga practice. You will serve as a role model to your students. This is why most training programs require at least two years of committed yoga practice.

Certification or Training

There is no overall agency that gives exams and certification classes for those who want to become yoga teachers. Instead, the standard baseline training to become an instructor is a 200-hour “contact” program. This requires you to spend 200 hours in a hands-on learning environment. Specific styles or schools of yoga may have additional requirements. This may include mentoring sessions with more experienced teachers and having your yoga practice observed and evaluated.

Advanced Training

There are 500-hour programs for those who want to further enhance their yoga teaching skills. These programs typically take one to two years to complete. Some yoga styles also have multiple levels of certifications – junior instructor, senior instructor, and master teacher. Reaching the highest level requires many years of continued teaching and training within the system.

Workshops and trips are big business for yoga instructors. You’ll meet students who want to explore yoga in depth or combine it with other things they love. Yoga and surfing, yoga and dogs, the list goes on and on. Know how to create unique experiences and make yoga even more fun. This will make your journey as a yoga instructor as fulfilling as possible.

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7 Absurd Driving Laws Around the World that Make You Question Authorities

Strict traffic rules were created to ensure the safety of both drivers and pedestrians. But sometimes, you can’t help but question the logic behind them. If you think that red light ticket you got the other day was downright unfair, wait until you see some of these bizarre traffic laws in other places:

steering wheelAmerica

Women wearing a dressing gown are prohibited to drive on Californian roads. Also, roads should not be used as a substitute for beds. Thankfully, no matter how absurd these laws may sound, you can always ask a red light ticket attorney for assistance.


To address the traffic problem in Manila, authorities came up with a special number coding scheme that prohibits vehicles with certain numbers on their license plates from using major roads on certain days of the week. For example, you won’t be allowed to use your car on Mondays if your number plate ends in 1 or 2.

Saudi Arabia

Be aware of the two highways when approaching the holy city of Mecca. One is for Muslims only while the other is for non-Muslims. As non-Muslims can’t enter the holy city, this special highway will take you safely around. Taking the wrong turn costs hefty fines or even deportation.


Some city laws in this bullfighting country state that during uneven days of the month, cars must be parked on the side of the road where houses have uneven numbers. For even days, they should be parked on the side of even numbers.


Swiss pedestrians have the right of way, and they expect vehicles to stop as they pass through. Some may even go as far as stepping into the road in front of oncoming traffic.


Before starting their cars, all Danish drivers are required to check under their cars first. This is to check if there’s a person stuck “underneath.”


Splashing a passing pedestrian with muddy rainwater costs a fine of about $65.

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Before Your Kids Jump In: Pool Safety Guidelines for the Parents

fiberglass poolSwimming pools provide hours of fun for your kids, but they also pose a threat if you don’t follow safety measure. Kids get excited when it comes to activities involving pools. To protect them from any untoward accidents, teach them how to swim and observe safety guidelines.

From seeking assistance from a fiberglass pool company to teaching them how to swim, practice these tips to avoid accidents if you’re not always around to watch your kids.

Choose a Swimming Pool Type that Resists the Most Corrosive Chemicals

Some fiberglass swimming pools have 100% vinyl ester layer that provides extreme resistance to even the most corrosive chemicals. Any reliable fiberglass pool manufacturer uses this Vinyl-Ester Resin, protecting the pool from osmotic blistering. By getting a high-quality pool, you’ll be assured that your kids won’t be in contact with corrosive chemicals and toxic materials that can threaten their health.

Make Sure the Pool Deck is Free from Clutter

A cluttered swimming pool deck is a hazard. Other swimmers may leave pool toys and gear that your kids can trip easily. Keep toys and other gear clear of the walking path around the deck. Swimmers should only use items designed for water activities when playing with toys in the pool.

Ask Your Kids to Use Floatation Devices

Supervise your kids around the swimming pool area at all times. Vests or other floatation devices aren’t alternatives for supervision. Ask them to wear the floaters or water wings in an upright manner. This position helps them gain strength in the upper body or their core. This prevents accidents, not to teach them how to swim.

A clean and safe swimming pool area is important for your family’s safety and is your responsibility as a pool owner. Be a wise parent and don’t let your private pool become a hazard.

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Worth the Splurge: Cool Pool Additions

swimming poolWhile altering the look of your existing pool can be expensive, the cost for any remodeling project is all worth it. Consider any of these options to make your pool even more special and interesting than it already is.

Into the Black

Make your pool standout from others with a black bottom pool. This changes the appearance of your entire pool and better coordinates it with different landscapes. Apart from adding a sophisticated look, it creates a mirrored effect on the surface of the water. A dark-bottom pool also reflects less light and absorbs better heat than lighter colors.

Make it fall

Transform your still pool into a vibrant hangout spot with a waterfall. Waterfalls keep the water moving, enhancing the pool’s ability to keep the water clean and healthy for use. Moving water is also scientifically proven to release negative ions that can purify the pool water.

Love the Splash

Create an interesting focal point with a fountain. You can do this by installing a pool fountain in the center or small fountain-like sprinklers to the side. Apart from adding visual appeal, pool fountains can keep the water aerated and moving.

Decorative Tiles

If you have in ground pool liners, for instance, you can dramatically change its look with decorative tiles. You can put the new tiles inside the edge or at the bottom. Slate, stone, and pebble tiles are great for pool flooring, as they are naturally slip resistant.

Get All Artsy

Create an artistic look by adding sculptures around the area. Decorate your pools with Roman-inspired sculptures of gods and goddesses to evoke the feeling of old Roman baths. You can also add a sculpture of steel panel to hide some equipment or unsightly parts in your pool area.

By adding any of these extra features and decorations, you can give your pool an extra kick. Contact a professional builder offering different pool liners and other products to know the right styles that can make your pool area standout.

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Don’t Just Build an Enticing Website; Make It Really Work with These Tips

reliable website designUtility and usability are the shaping factors of a highly effective website. User-centric design has become the standard approach for lucrative and successful websites. As visitors only glance at each page and skim its content, you need to capture their interest quickly. In fact, several of your pages don’t even get the traffic they deserve. This is the reason many website design agencies in Edinburgh create an interface that features a pleasing aesthetic, functionality and easy access to content.

You spend so much time to get your website rank well on the SERPs, but what happens when visitors actually get to your website?

Strive for Simplicity

Visitors are seldom on a website to enjoy the design, as they mainly look for information. They often like websites where they can directly recognise the footer, content area, header, and navigation.

Match It with Compelling Content

The human eye is non-linear, and people quickly recognise edges, patterns and motions. This is why you should perfectly do the job of creating compelling content, video blogs and images to capture the attention of your visitors.

Match Visitors’ Preferences and Browsing Habits

As online materials are different from print, it’s important to tailor the writing style to visitors’ preferences and browsing habits. No visitor wants to read or browse long text blocks without images and subheadings. Talk business and hire a reliable Edinburgh web design agency to avoid marketing-induce and jargon terms.

Veer Away from Complicated Features

Usability means getting rid of complicated and indistinct content and features. If your web architecture isn’t intuitive, visitors will find it hard to understand how your website works. A clear structure, visual clues and links will help them appreciate the idea behind the content.

A minimalist and intuitive design is the secret to user-friendly websites. Building an appealing site isn’t enough; you should ensure it really works.



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Microsoft Introduces Cortana To Rival Siri And Google Now

Image by Kārlis Dambrāns | Wikimedia

Image by Kārlis Dambrāns | Wikimedia

Tech giant Microsoft has revealed a virtual assistant for its Windows Phone platform designed to rival Google and Apple’s Siri.

 Microsoft’s Siri killer?

 The female-voiced app, known as Cortana, uses the company’s search engine Bing on the devices to make personalized recommendations and conduct tasks.

Apple and Google already offer similar features on their respective platforms, but one analyst said Microsoft’s debut of virtual assistant could be a wise move.

“I understand that for Cortana Microsoft has done a lot of work to automatically learn a much wider range of semantics… so the expectation is that it will be able to understand a good deal more,” explained Prof Steve Young from University of Cambridge.

 Taking the spotlight

 Cortana will be available to Windows phones first as a beta. Is it enough to tempt consumers away from Android and iOS?

“It has to be better than the competition for people to want to switch,” said Frost and Sullivan tech specialist Lawrence Lundy in a statement.

Cortana can perform many of the features that industry experts  already expected, such as searching the web and set appointments.


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Planning Home Renovations the Right Way

house renovationsPeople and preferences change through time, and often for the better. There are times, though, when change actually makes things worse, and these mistakes can end up costing you thousands of dollars.

Many regrettable mistakes occur when homeowners everywhere from Canberra to Sydney to Darwin to Perth renovate their homes without putting much thought into what they were doing. Avoid such expensive mistakes by following a few simple steps that will help put what you want to happen in perspective.

Start From the End

Most people start their renovations by deciding on a theme and making everything complement that vision. Though it’s an understandable starting point, it isn’t recommended for beginners, as there are too many pieces missing from the picture. A more structured approach would be to decide on what the most prominent feature should be, and build around that.

For example, say you want a circular tub in the middle of the bathroom. The tub will serve as the anchor that decides the spacing of everything you want to add around it. Every fixture and detail added will use the tub as the focal point, and become the deciding factor on whether a piece fits with the room or not.

Lie In/On It

If you decide to use a large fixture, like the bed or tub, to become the focal point of the room, you need to like it. Try out the piece and see if you really have an affection for it. Lie on the bed or in the tub and imagine yourself actually using it after a long day at work. Does it make you feel relaxed or rested? Can you imagine that piece in your home? If not, move on to the next one; keep repeating this until you’re sure you’ve found something worth keeping.

Complement Pieces

Once you’ve decided on the focal piece, you have to decide what to build around it. This is the only time the theme will actually come into play, but it should only serve as a secondary factor in favouring a certain piece.

Choosing complementary pieces can be tricky because items should be unique enough to stand on their own without detracting from the theme or the primary feature. It’s difficult, but not impossible; consulting with a design expert can go a long way with this aspect of the renovation.

Fleshing out your vision for the renovation is crucial to preventing a small fortune going down a failed project. Getting your dream home shouldn’t cost you a limb. Find as many ways to save on your renovations as you can, and you’ll be much happier for it.



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Royal Mail to Lay Off 1,600 Workers In Cost-Cutting Drive

Image by Ross Holdway | Wikimedia

Image by Ross Holdway | Wikimedia

Newly privatized Royal Mail has announced its plans to cut 1,600 managerial and head office jobs as part of its cost-cutting measure.

Industrial action

The company had started talks with the Communication Workers Union and Unite about the proposal to cut 1,600 jobs, with around 300 new or enhanced roles created.

Unite is a union that represents 7,000 Royal Mail managers. It warned the job cuts could prompt industrial action.

“Royal Mail’s primary reason for existing is now about making profits rather than serving the nation,” said Brian Scott, Unite officer for Royal Mail.

Strong competition

Royal Mail emphasized that the job cuts would not affect frontline employees, including women and postmen.

It explains the cuts are part of its strategy to make cost savings of £50m per year. The savings will help Royal Mail respond to increasing competition.

Royal Mail Chief Executive Moya Greene said they need to cut jobs “to effectively compete in the letters and parcels markets.”

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Quality versus Quantity: Strengthening Your Link Profile

reliable seo resellerYears before Google Penguin hit the search landscape, webmasters and site owners used backlinks to increase their Page Rank and search rankings. It didn’t matter if the links were relevant or valuable to the content or the brand. Those days, however, are long gone.

With the current algorithms, creating doorway pages or adding too many irrelevant backlinks to a website can get you in trouble with Google. How do you strengthen your link profile without being penalized by search engines? Start with a few good link building practices to include in your SEO reseller programs:

Establish a solid connection with your target audience

Today’s search landscape is all about user experience, which is why you need to focus on establishing a connection with the right audience. Concentrate on customer reviews or opinions and use that information to deliver a strong message and gather followers.

Clean up every once in a while

Keeping your backlink profile clean is one of the golden rules in today’s link building. Depending on how you run a website, you might have unknowingly gathered suspicious links that can hurt your rankings. Monitor your rankings and remove links from your profile that are not relevant to your client’s brand.

Contrary to what most people believe, link building still plays an important role in maintaining search engine rankings. It’s simply a matter of integrating the right strategies, finding quality links, and establishing a strong brand presence to make the process work.

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Ways to Have a Better, Fun Run

wireless earbudsRunning is a popular physical activity that builds strong bones and improves cardiovascular fitness. It is an ideal exercise for all, as it does not cost a lot and you can run at any schedule that suits you.

Make running a part of your daily activities to maintain a healthy body. Use these tips to make your everyday workout much better:

Eat Right

Don’t eat a big meal before a run, as it can make the whole routine a struggle. Choose the right pre-workout snack that can put you on the right track for a better run. Skip the sweets and stick to whole grains and pasta, which provide long-lasting energy.

Warm up

Whether you’re running a short or long distance, warming up is a requirement for a safe workout. Do a series of quick walk, jumping jacks, and stretches. A few cardio exercises will make a difference in your overall run.

Stay Hydrated

Drink at least 8 ounces of water before heading out to prevent dehydration. If you are running longer routes, bring a water bottle or plan a route with water stops along the way. Staying hydrated prevents the legs from cramping, especially in hot seasons.

Take Things Slow

Don’t kick things off too quickly, as it can make your burn out fast. Start a little slower or run with a playlist to maintain a steady pace. You can also alternate jogs with sprints to build up your strength and endurance.

Light Shoes

Running shoes are getting lighter and lighter to imitate the foot’s natural movement and improve stride. Purchase a minimalist pair and check if less weight can help your feet move faster.

Run with a Playlist

Create runner’s playlist to make your run more enjoyable. The rhythm of your workout tunes will help you keep pace and elevate your mood. Make sure to invest in wireless earbuds for a tangle-free listening experience.

Use a Pedometer

Apart from wireless headphones or ear buds, wristband or bracelet pedometers are also important for your running routine. These clip-on devices monitor the number of steps you take throughout your exercise routine. Some advanced devices also measure your distance and pace so they can estimate the number of calories burnt.

Stress less and build stronger bones with running. Follow these tips and make your everyday workout fun and interesting.



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