Colleges Warn Of Suicidal Thoughts On Students

A new survey warns university campuses of under-recognized problems of stress, depression, and suicidal thoughts on students.

The National Union of Students on mental health suggests there are more than 10 students who said they had experienced suicidal thoughts. This number is out of 1,200 surveyed across the UK.

depressThe study also found a range of negative feelings that most students feel. Eighty percent feel stressed, 55 percent feel anxious, 50 percent have insomnia or sleeping problems and 40 percent feel worthlessness and hopeless.

The main reasons for the suicidal thoughts on students include worries about exams and grades, emotional problems with family and friends, and pressures over money. The remaining percentage includes more specific reasons such as homesickness, bullying, insensitivity of lecturer, and alcohol and drug problems.

Paul Farmer, head of mental health charity Mind, said the survey revealed the extent of the problem students’ face. It also revealed that only a few of them seek for help, he added.