Smart Selections: Hiring the Best Fit for Your Business

businesspeople in a meetingSuccessful organizations know that the staff members they hire can either make the business successful or make it average, perhaps a failure. Hiring mistakes are costly in terms of lost time and effort, which could have been invested in hiring the best candidate.

As your business expands, hiring the best people is the key to success. Whether they’re local applicants or aspiring foreign candidates, an efficient team can make your business thrive in the competition.

Here’s how to do it.

Don’t try to clone yourself

You can’t clone yourself. You’re probably unaware of it, but you might be on the lookout for someone with mannerisms, skills, and other characteristics that mimic your own. This is wrong. Instead, look for someone that complements your skills to balance your weaknesses. Look for a foundation of basics such as a hardworking and likeable personality.

Trust your instincts

Hiring the best fit for your team takes discipline. You’re on the hunt for a new addition because you need your business to blossom in the industry. Maybe you need to add another account manager to handle new clients or a new web developer to create a big project, so when you find a candidate who looks reputable on paper, it’s tempting to make the decision. Regardless of whether the applicant is an experienced expat worker or just a local candidate, stop and listen to your instincts. If you have any doubts about their personality and professionalism, move forward and keep looking.

Perseverance is important

Finding the right people doesn’t happen in just one day. Recruitment is a matter of persistence. Don’t rush yourself into hiring new members then fire them immediately because they’re not competitive. Don’t stop even if you’re having trouble finding the best candidate. Just keep looking and looking.

Your business should have reliable people, not respectable resumes. To create the team that will put your business on a path to success, you need to look beyond their skills on paper. Trust your instincts, but also look at their performance.