Netflix Pays Comcast To Speed Up Streaming

Comcast and Netflix announced a deal in which the movie streaming service will pay the giant cable and broadband provider faster and more reliable access to Comcast’s customers.

End of traffic jam

Netflix PaysThe deal is a milestone in the history of the Internet, where content providers like Netflix generally have not had to pay for access to the customers of a broadband provider.

This will give subscribers faster streaming speeds for watching movies and TV series.

With over 44 million customers worldwide, Netflix has been making efforts to connect directly with broadband Internet providers.

Combined company

The announcement comes just a few days after Comcast agreed to buy Time Warner Cable for $45 billion, an acquisition that would make Comcast the cable provider to almost one-third of American homes.

The merged company would have a near 30% share of the U.S. pay television market, as well as be the major provider of broadband Internet access.