How to Offer Value to Your Market While Doing SEO

google search engineWith the sporadic updates Google makes in their algorithm, is it still wise to do SEO? If you’re counting on potential customers finding your business while doing web searches, optimising your site is still the best option.

Google gives relevant results

Apart from appearing in search results, you can also take advantage of the Google Knowledge Graph. Key in any word on the search bar and it normally returns instant results. To let potential customers learn more about you, Google will also display certain information on the Knowledge Graph. This is a panel that contains details about your brand or business.

Google personalizes how people search

Google suggests previous searches. You will also notice that the results are more location specific. These ranking signals focus on user and usage data.

Maximising these advantages

While these two features can help your business establish a web presence and attract customers, understanding how Google works can be complicated at times. If you have the resources, hiring Brisbane companies that specialise in SEO services is a good idea.

Learning the basics, however, can still make a difference. If you wish to stay relevant in the online world, here are three important things that should help you out:

1. Deliver fresh, unique, and relevant content – Anything new or a different take on an old idea always sparks interest and can create that experience your customer would come back for.

2. Engage your readers – Tell a story or ask a relevant question. Answer user questions and comments. That first connection is powerful because it makes the experience personal and memorable for your audience.

3. Stick to a routine or style – Publish articles on a regular basis. Create a format on how you write your content. This way, your audience knows what to expect.

SEO is an important strategy, but you should focus more on building a loyal audience. Everything else — web traffic, increased ROI and other benefits — will soon follow. Thinking about your audience can help overcome whatever algorithm changes that Google throws at you.