Before Promoting the Brand, Have the Right Vision First

Ray KrocIt’s amazing how brands affect us. Just mentioning Coca-Cola and it’s likely that you will think about ‘happiness’ one way or the other because of the ads. People, of course, don’t need a sugar/water combination to be happy, but it only goes to show how powerful branding can be.

For any aspiring entrepreneur, a distinguishing brand could be his most prized possession–one that not only could establish the business but also ensure its continuation long into the future. If you think the McDonald brothers own McDonald’s, then you’re forgetting about Ray Kroc and his business savvy.

Who is Ray Kroc?

The numbers alone are staggering. Serving over 68 million customers on a daily basis, one of the largest fast food chains is present in over 119 countries including Russia and China. McDonald’s is one of the top 10 global brands in the world.

Even though it was started by Richard and Maurice McDonald in 1940, it was Ray Kroc who placed the McDonald’s brand on the map. Kroc saw the vision of the McDonald brothers in starting a drive-in restaurant and he built upon this to make the chain what it is today.

Finding your own vision

To have a truly successful business, you also need a vision for your company or brand. Like Kroc who saw potential in the vision of the McDonald brothers, think about what you want your brand to be. What needs are you going to fill? How are you going to serve your customers? What will your brand be in your customers’ lives?

Once you know these things, don’t forget to promote your brand. Online promotion is good, but nothing beats personally interacting with potential customers at events and trade fairs. Make use of posters, flyers and banner flags to get attention. and other branding agencies can work with you in creating eye-catching promotional materials for your brand.

Keep in mind that it is a clear vision that guides the success of any company. Who knows, maybe your small business now can be the next big name in the global marketplace?