Why a Storage Facility for Your Car Makes Sense

Long-Term Storage in PerthKeeping cars, boats and other vessels used for transportation in a storage area can be a far-fetched idea. There are designated parking lots and docking areas for these vehicles. Not only are these safe but also sometimes free, so why would there be a need to keep them in a storage facility?

Reasons for Long-Term Storage

For special reasons you might just find yourself looking for one in Perth, like Perth Metro Storage; think about the following scenarios:

  • You’re an expat that owns a car in Australia, and you’ll be away for several months. If the place you are renting does not have an exclusive parking space for your car, then a storage space for vehicles will be a more secure place for long-term storage.
  • Winter is coming so you’re keeping your favourite summer vehicle — that is, your convertible.

You may have other reasons aside from those mentioned above, like leaving for military service or a month-long training outside the country. Whatever your reason, you will need to prepare your car for long-term storage.

Basic Preparation Steps 

Some of the most basic steps include the following:

  • Get the car washed. It will prevent paint damage caused by water stains and bird manure.
  • Tires are inflated to the recommended pressure. This is to prevent tires from developing flat spots which would require you to replace them. One good way to do it is to place the car on jack stands.
  • Change the oil. Used engine oil can cause contamination due to some chemicals it carries. Knowing how to check whether your car needs an oil change will help you determine its oil level and if it’s contaminated.
  • Fill the tank with gas. The reason for this is to prevent moisture inside the tank and keep the seals from drying out.
  • Use a tire stopper, not the parking brake, to prevent the car from moving. A vehicle choke should be no more than ¼ taller than the height of the tire.
  • Keep your car charged. Unplug the battery if you’ll not be using your car for a long time, and re-plug it when you want to use it again.

Storing your vehicle in a storage facility may be unlikely, indeed. But not when you find yourself in the situations above and need tight security where you can keep your car sound and safe 24/7.