Best Cities for Startups, Aside from Silicon Valley

Salt Lake City, UtahWhen it comes to tech companies, new ventures and fresh business ideas, the media would have people believe that they move to Silicon Valley or it’s bust. The place is teeming with venture capitalists and billionaires who can catapult an idea to a worldwide phenomenon, but it also means uprooting and moving across the country. Not everyone has the luxury like that.

So, are startups doomed if they can’t make it to the Valley of Dreams? New York and Portland are also potential locations, but the problem is these places are on both coast areas. Furthermore, watching too much Social Network will delude anyone that it’s the move to California that helped Mark Zuckerberg succeed. Now, there are cities with the infrastructure that enables businesses to flourish.

Success is neither localized nor exclusive. What’s undeniable is that relocating is, sometimes, a requirement so that they will be within reach of those who can fund development. It doesn’t have to be in California anymore.

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah’s no slouch when it comes to helping businesses, and this coming year, it could be one of startups’ hotbeds. There won’t be any shortage of moving companies in Salt Lake City, UT that will help packing everything and moving in the city. Adobe and Workday are few of the tech giants that already made the move to Silicon Slopes.

Asheville, NC

One of the rising sectors nowadays is culinary, and there’s no other place to bring it than Asheville. There are a number of incubators that backs agricultural and food startups. Many upcoming food brands found footing here, and it would be a mistake for it to be ignored.

Nashville, TN

For anyone hoping to disrupt modern media, they can try their luck in Nashville. A slew of creative agencies and media companies already chose the Music City. People in the city recognize good music and media ideas, and won’t shy away from backing them.

Minneapolis-St.Paul, MN

When it comes to making a mark in the stingy avant-garde restaurant scene, Minneapolis – St. Paul is the place that fosters gastronomic tastes and businesses. With all the rage in fusion food, many people have great ideas that can flourish with the right guidance. In the metro, a number of organizations can help low-cost ideas make it big-time.

 If money were all that mattered to a starting business, then Los Angeles and New York would have a hard time managing their cities by now. Other cities have more to offer and are closer to home. In a simple act of giving startups a choice, it already helps them succeed.