Contributing Your Expertise in the Service of Singapore

Military ServiceWhen you want to contribute to your country, you can go beyond doing well in the workplace or at school. A good way to take your love for your country up a notch is to volunteer with the armed forces — and it doesn’t have to be as a soldier. Military service is not simply limited to being a soldier, gun in hand and poised to shoot. Singaporeans with non-combat expertise and skills are welcome to join provided that they meet the qualifications as well as pass the SAFVC interview and exam.

Medical Trainers

Military training involves a lot of taxing and strenuous physical activity. These activities push the body beyond its limits. Thus, medical trainers are essential during the times when trainees overexert and injure themselves during training.

If you have a medical background, you can do your part by joining the medical training team and organising full-time national servicemen medics and medical officers for emergency response. It is critical to minimise injuries, high casualties and panic while on the field, after all.

Other than emergency doctors, other healthcare professionals, such as dentists, medical technologists, radiographers and nurses, are also in demand in the Military.

Defence Psychologists

Physical injury is not the only problem that wounded soldiers face. They can also develop psychological issues such as PTSD. In case you are a defence psychologist or have a background related to the field, you will take charge of offering counselling and support for army personnel.

Treatment for psychological disorders takes more time given that it may affect long-term behaviour. Thus, defence psychologists are essential to maintaining the well-being of soldiers.

Infomedia Team

One way to maintain peace and order throughout the country is through proper communication between the civilians and the military. Your role, should you wish to be part of the Infomedia Team, will be to support the public communications efforts of the army through proper event and media management.

The Singapore Military welcomes all types of professionals who wish to offer their skills and expertise in the service of their country as volunteers. The important thing to remember when volunteering is to select a role that is most suitable to you.