Step-by-Step Guide in Using Ratchet Straps

Ratchet Straps If you’ve been a boy or girl scout in your younger years, then you would definitely be familiar with the different kinds of knots — probably even aware of how to use different kinds of straps and tools necessary for survival.

If you are like others who have minimal to no idea how straps and knots work, this simple step-by-step guide can teach you how you can work your way through.

What are the uses of ratchet straps?

Ratchets straps are often used in securing and transporting cargo, clamping things together (i.e. wood pieces and furniture) and providing a sturdy hold to make it an ideal connector. Thanks to its durability, it’s often used in vehicles where the hardtop is removed easily.

A ratchet strap can hold the hardtop in place despite its weight. Aside from hardtops, it can be used to hold your loads on your car roof when you go for a vacation. These straps have a lot of useful functions more than you imagined.

How can you use ratchet straps?

  1. Setting

Start by simply opening the handle, then align it with the axle and keep the slots aligned together. After that, close the ratchet to make the axle assembly easily accessible.

  1. Tightening

Thread the webbing through the spool of an open ratchet from one side to another. Adjust by pulling more webbings to make it tighter. Once the strap has the right tension, close the handle to allow the strap to remain in position.

  1. Releasing

Simply pull and hold the release handle. This will make the strap loose and all you need to do is pull the loose strap until it releases.

To better visualise on how to deal with straps, videos are available online to help you. Enjoy using ratchet straps, your life will never be the same again.