Selling Your Family Silver: Different Ways to Get Cash

Family Silver

You always adored your Grandma’s silver, but you never really had the time to maintain it. In a world where people dedicate most of their time to the corporate world, you should not feel guilty if you decide to sell it instead of polishing it endlessly. To be fair for your grandma’s collection, you want to make sure that you get the most out of its sale.

Do not just search for the nearest businesses that buy and sell gold and silver because not all of them will pay you the best price. Learn to acknowledge the real value of the silver and maximise your profit.

Understand What You Have

There are a couple of ways to sell silver and one of them includes melting it down before selling it by the troy ounce. Meanwhile, you could just sell it as is, as long as it is antique, for it will have a bigger value.

Before you even agree on a price, search for a site online that shows the silver rate. You will need to check on it every day just to familiarise yourself with the shifting market value. When you agree on a price, you have to consider that they will be offering lesser value than the market rates because they resell to earn. Atkinsons Bullion reminds sellers to know their silver’s worth before making the sale.

The Different Places that Sell Silver Differently

Keep in mind that there are several options to sell silver and each of them offers different rates. The prices of silver may vary. Travelling silver buyers and corner dealers, for example, usually offer lower prices. You can ask coin shops and jewellers to buy your silver, but they might not offer full value for antiques.

You can get a good price for your household silver with auction houses. They do not, however, purchase it. What they do is auction it, get their commission and return the rest to you. There are private collectors and buyers who can provide you great prices. Search for their ads online or in newspapers. Some dealers offer good prices for silver, allowing you to get the best possible deal.

Do extensive research first and consider all the selling possibilities. This will guarantee that your Grandma will be proud and happy about the price of her collectibles.