Stand Out: Ways to Improve Your Product Label

A person shopping for groceries

It is easy to get lost in a shelf full of products. It’s not enough to make an impression. Your label should be good enough to be chosen and bought by people.

There is so much more to printing the label and attaching it to your product. Here are some ways to make your label stand out in a sea of other brands and products:


McDonald’s and Wendy’s both have the red and yellow colour in their logos because these stimulate hunger. Colours play a huge part in marketing your product, so read about colour psychology and choose the best one that can help you market your product. Are your competitors already using the same colour scheme? You might want to consider throwing in other hues to make yours stand out.


In choosing fonts, do not go for normal. Instead, choose one that would make your product stand out, or one that embodies your products’ uniqueness. Another important thing to remember is to make your font readable and easy on the eyes. Remember, you only have a fraction of a second to make an impression, so use it well.


Choose the right kind of material that would enhance your label design while at the same time be suitable for your product type or shape. Shrink sleeves work best on beverage containers while plastic and cling packages are durable for products that are exposed to different types of environment. The right material to print your label on is as important as the label itself.

Brand Identity

Do not forget to establish your brand identity. Connect with your clients and show the public what you can offer, while also showing them why you stand out. All these should be embodied in your label. A successful brand identity is the last key element to making your product stand out.

Having a hard time getting people to choose your product over the other? Doing these things might help you change your marketing game.