The Lesser-Known yet Big Impact of Oral Health on Confidence

A smiling woman enjoying the outdoors As many as 85% of the entire population of the world have self-esteem and –confidence issues. There are many reasons for this, with many cases reported to have stemmed from how one perceives himself/herself. And oral health contributes to self-perception.

In a recent joint study that the Oral Health Foundation and Oral-B conducted, it found that nearly 30% of the UK population opt to not show their teeth in photographs, because of various problems, the primary of which is discoloration. Most people also avoid open-mouthed smiles due to gaps in between their teeth, caused by tooth loss. This applies to U.S. citizens too.

The mental and psychological concerns that dental problems bring

Many aspects of one’s oral health can have a considerable effect on how he/she interacts with other people, and in general, his professional and social life. Missing teeth — just like damaged, stained, and discolored teeth — can make one embarrassed to socialize or even start a conversation. In short, low self-confidence can then lead to isolation, resulting in far more serious issues such as anxiety and depression.

Getting the right treatment for halting such potential problems

Oral health isn’t something to belittle, as it plays many integral roles in a person’s overall health. In fact, years of studies and research have linked it to health conditions of greater magnitude, such as cardiovascular diseases, dementia, respiratory infections, and diabetic complications. You should also know that lost teeth can result in malocclusion and even irreversible jawbone disintegration.

This knowledge alone should already push you to improve your oral health. For gaps in between/missing teeth, seek the help of an orthodontist in Layton like Hillfield Pediatric & Family Dentistry right away. You should also set regular appointments with your dentist, as determining problems early will make it easier to treat them.

Don’t let mouth-related problems get in your life’s way

Allowing your self-confidence to slip because of bad oral health doesn’t just affect this part of your life; its negative impact will show up through many other ways. Because it can put the overall quality of your life at risk, it’s better for you to have a professional on your side.