Plastic Surgeries Rise Among Women in Utah

Plastic surgery lines on a woman's face.More people in Utah, particularly women, have chosen to go under the knife as the state ranked sixth with the most number of cosmetic surgeons nationwide.

An estimated 80% of women in the country are dissatisfied with their psychical appearance, which could explain the significantly increasing rate of women considering cosmetic surgeries to alter their looks. The trend has led researchers to be confused, as the state is one of the most conservative and religious in the U.S.

Rising Rates

The Utah Women and Leadership Project (UWLP) said that two-thirds of the state’s female population are acquainted with someone who has undergone a cosmetic procedure. In other cases, those people are directly related by blood.

UWLP data from a study of women belonging to a certain religion showed that women receive breast augmentations from their families either as high school graduation or holiday presents. Breast implants are only one of many types of cosmetic surgeries available today.

Thanks to modern technology, some of the other medical procedures do not require surgical operations, including cool sculpting. Utah women’s desire to improve their physical features primarily contributed to the state having the sixth highest number of plastic surgeons in the U.S. per capita.

Demand for Doctors

According to the American Board of Medical Specialties, Washington D.C. ranked first nationwide with the most number of plastic surgeons per capita for 2017, while Vermont landed on the last spot. The population of cosmetic surgeons indicated that demand from patients has gone up in recent years.

Breast augmentation emerged as the most sought-after procedure in 2016 based on data from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Other in-demand services included liposuction and facelifts.

As long as you have the resources, there’s nothing wrong about wanting to improve your appearance, although it might be better to consider other non-surgical alternatives to achieve your desired look and avoid potential health risks at the same time.