Does Window Replacement Raise Property Value?

A Woman Opening CurtainsHomeowners understand the importance of renovation in improving the value of their property. While it is important to renovate, homeowners need to understand the importance of prioritising home improvements and the effect that it has on the return on their investment.

Why Should You Replace Your Windows?

  • It increases the value of your home.

Replacing your home’s windows increases the value of your home. In fact, you can get 74% return on investment. You may choose windows that lets more natural light, are easy to clean, or those that appeal your loved ones.

  • It increases home comfort.

Low e-glass blocks block UV light, increasing your comfort while at home. Considering the things that new windows will do to your comfort, Auckland Glass Ltd says that getting window replacement is no brainer.

  • It puts you ahead in the selling market.

If you want to resell your home in the near future, replacing your windows will distinguish your home. Home buyers prefer ready-to-move-in houses and those that have modern facilities. Having new glass windows will improve the marketability of your home and also command a higher selling price.

  • It will reduce your energy bills. 

Air leaks are a major contributor to unnecessary energy loss. Installing new windows ensures that these air leaks are sealed, and no air is leaking out. Blocking those air leaks minimises your energy needs in heating and cooling your home. You can also choose replacement windows that will slash your bills by 40% and leave you with money to do other things.

Now that you know that getting replacement windows will increase the value of your home, improve the quality of your life and minimise energy bills.