There is Good Story in Good News: Storytelling and PRs

Press Release on a TabletThe industry has ongoing debates regarding the existence of press releases. Are they still relevant in a fast-paced digital world? Should you still use them or should you bid them goodbye?

Fortunately for press release believers, the answer is “no.”

It Doesn't Need to be Boring

In 2014, Adweek reported that more than one-third of journalists still get inspiration from press releases; 88% found them still valuable. So if PRs still matter, why are some eager to replace it with digital forms?

The rigid image of press releases — long, boring, and dry — needs to end if PR execs want the stories to appeal to a younger generation. This is where advanced tools find their purpose. An innovative platform, according to social network for media relations, Babbler, enables more press with less the effort. But just relying on technology to resurrect press releases isn’t enough.

You’ll need a dash of storytelling.

Enhancing Press Releases through Stories

Many see the benefits of storytelling in the art of PR. Undeniably, it has an effect in the way journalists and readers perceive the news.

Take notes from the storyteller’s playbook the next time you write a PR. Doing so gives the news a fresh look. Rigidity has no room in storytelling; good stories boast of authentic and genuine voices readers easily relate to.

It focuses on grabbing the reader’s attention through a gripping story.

What About B2B Public Relations?

For businesses, how do telling stories apply when you want to promote?

Easy — forget about your company first.

Remember: you’re writing for the readers. What do they need? What should your press release contain? Brands that tap into the potential of storytelling won’t bore readers. Instead, they build relationships and earn credibility.

Refrain from limiting the message to the product or service, rigid formatting, and dry language. Good stories step out of the comfort zone. Today’s press releases go for daring and innovative approaches; they break the mold by writing more engaging pieces.