Things You’re Doing That Damage Your Home’s Plumbing System

A plumber fixing a pipe Like everything else in a home that people rarely see, the plumbing work usually receives little to no attention from its users, until such time that problems arise. These issues do not just largely affect your day-to-day tasks; they can also cause serious health hazards and unnecessary repair expenditures.

Properly taking care of your home’s plumbing system means having it routinely serviced and maintained. It is your duty to contact the services of a certified plumber for more serious damage. However, your duties should also include not doing the following things that can actually shorten its lifespan.

Treating Drains as a Means to Dispose of Garbage

Plumbing systems perform many functions, but serving as a trash bin is not one of them. Despite knowing this, many people still treat their sinks and drains as a way to dispose of waste. Regardless of having the label “flushable” on these items, you should think twice before you actually flush them.

And these include toilet paper, feminine wipes and napkins, cat litter, and scrubbers among several others.

Pouring Litres and Litres of Drain Cleaning Solutions in the Attempt to Clear Clogs

Although some drain cleaning chemicals may work on unclogging pipes, this usually just happens when there is very little blockage. Other than that, using them will only worsen the problem.

In fact, they can severely damage the plumbing system, particularly the components manufactured from galvanised materials and metal. Keep using these, and the pipes will soon corrode and develop huge leaks.

Filing or Scratching Away at Corrosion

Those corroded areas of the pipe? Never file or scratch away at them in the hopes of eliminating their unsightly appearance. This will only make the problem worse and can even create a bigger hole.

Plumbing problems can turn into nightmares like water damage. Aside from setting up appointments with plumbing specialists for routine servicing, make sure that you never commit some activities that can kill your drains and pipes.