Want to Gain More Social Media Followers? Lure Them with Contests

Several open windows that lead to social media sites Social media is the best way to reach out to your patients on a personal level. You can even use it to lure more of your potential customers, as long as you know how to properly do it. Social media ads enable your market to see you; but being present, that is a different thing.

Use social media contests to your advantage to get actual patients, and not just mere followers. You do not even have to do it yourself, with agencies like Dominatedental.com ready to help.

Instagram Hashtag, Referral or Photo Contest

These types of contests require the participants or your future patients to spread the word of the contest itself. This way, you will get even more publicity without even trying. The participants themselves would have to encourage their peers to vote for their submission or entry. Those who gain the most votes will win the prize.

A Giveaway Contest

This particular contest utilises a share incentive pop-up that provides bonus entries to participants who accomplish a social media action. The Share Incentive page would pop up once someone submits their details and clicks on “Enter Now.” They will basically get more entries if they share the unique contest link to their different social media accounts.

Maximum Followers Quota

This kind of contest uses the participants to achieve a certain goal. For instance, the participants have to help a certain facilities’ Facebook page to gain at least 100,000 likes. This does not force them to share the contest, but they know that they have to just to win the prize. It is a subtle way to impose participants without forcing their hands. This tactic even has an appeal to the individual users asking their peers to like a certain status and they will do a dare in return.

Social media contests are the perfect way to earn real followers that could actually drive sales. By giving them discounts or freebies, they will be more inclined to refer you to their friends.