Modern Engagement Ring Etiquette You Should be Aware Of

Engagement rings

The modern times have changed the way we view engagements and this has transformed the traditional proposal ring etiquette. Views of men and women are ever changing, and now new questions arise regarding old rules of engagement.

AAA Jewelers, one of the top wholesale jewelers in Utah, talks about the modern engagement ring etiquette you should embrace.

It Doesn’t Have to Be Diamond

If you want to be different, it’s completely fine. In fact, it’s the trend these days. You can ditch the classic diamond and surprise your special someone with a unique gemstone, maybe even one that matches her style better. Jewelry designers nowadays are more open to crafting one-of-a-kind pieces with creative elements, often leaving out the classic diamonds.

You Can Ask Your Partner to Help Pick out the Ring

Being practical doesn’t necessarily take out the romance, so if you’re not sure which ring to get, ask your girl to accompany you. Break the tradition and choose the ring with the recipient. You’re sure to have a good time finding the ring together. This also ensures that you get the perfect style and size for her.

It’s Okay to Split the Cost

In this modern age, men and women want to contribute equally to the relationship. As an engagement ring is a big investment, it’s ideal for both parties to split the cost. Of course, there is nothing wrong with wanting to give the ring as a gift, but when a man asks her woman to shoulder at least a portion of the cost, she should be willing to consider it.

As our era progresses, it’s important to be aware of, or even embrace modern changes. There are no definite rules on engagement rings. At the end of the day, it is still up to the couple to decide on this matter.