Invisible Braces

Woman smiling for the cameraTeeth should not be overlooked because it will be too embarrassing to get them straightened. It is not the 90s anymore. Dentistry has moved past the ‘metal mouth’ era. An innovative product is on the market that means no one will be any the wiser when people they meet are wearing braces.

As the name suggests, Incognito in Weybridge are braces that are hidden behind the teeth, which allows patients to continue on with life without feeling self-conscious in any way. Since the braces are hidden behind the teeth, patients are able to keep up that smile all the way through their treatment. Incognito braces are safe, effective and discreet.

Designed To Fit Each Person Individually

At Weybridge, Incognito braces are custom-made specifically for each tooth to ensure the most accurate end result. The braces are designed using 3D imaging technology, which provides a digital illustration of how the teeth progress through the treatment and of how the finished product will look.

Using this technology can give a more accurate end result as the teeth are gradually moved to the alignment chosen by the patient and dentist together.

Since Incognito braces are made specifically to the shape of each tooth and mouth, this optimizes the comfort factor. Incognito braces also do not discriminate. These braces are suitable for children and adults alike.

Going Incognito in Weybridge

With the braces fixed firmly to the back surface of the teeth, gradually moving them into place, the patient can continue in all aspects of their life. No more embarrassing moments of hiding the mouth behind one’s hand. The treatment period depends on the initial alignment of the teeth. There is no need to remove Incognito braces at all, even when eating or drinking. It is important however to continue with a careful oral hygiene routine so that plaque and food do not build up in the brackets. So, all in all, Incognito has taken the tried and trusted traditional bracket and wire braces treatment and put them on the reverse side of the teeth. This kind of braces treatment can treat all sorts of issues that others cannot. Simple! Going Incognito in Weybridge can help everyone achieve the smile they have always wanted.