Find the Right Accommodation When Living and Studying in London

Long exposure shot of Big Ben at nightFinding reliable accommodation as a student is easier said than done. The real estate markets are booming thus new accommodations are coming up every day. You should do a comprehensive research such as visiting online sites like and compare the available options. There are a few things you should know before signing the dotted line.  

1. The rating of a potential student house

  You should hear the testimonials of other student tenants. Talk to other graduate students about a specific option that you deem suitable and get to know something about their experience. Most tenancy agreements may run for an entire year, and this is a long time to stick around a place that gives you the goosebumps.   

2. The lease agreement

  The rules and regulations that would govern your stay matter a lot. You ought to have prior knowledge of the deposit needed and the terms and conditions that determine if you could get a refund. You also need to affirm that you could live with a roommate and share the payment of the rent, the footing of utility bills, and payment of the property maintenance expenses. It would be in your best interest to read the contract and affirm that it could work to your benefit.  

3.The actual state of a potential apartment

  Landlords and letting agencies will often want to flex their muscles on advertisements and show what they can offer. If you need to find cheap student accommodation in London that will not disappoint you, will need to visit the apartment yourself to see what you will be paying for before committing.   Visit potential properties and scrutinise them. The state of the rooms, the hallways, and even the yard may depend entirely on the principles of your landlord. It is crucial to gather some solid facts before you sign the contract.