Is It Time to Switch ERP?

Managers on a company meetingOrganisations are occasionally stifled by the idea of how challenging and expensive it can be to change one’s ERP system. They often have misconceptions about switching ERP systems. In turn, they opt to cope with their current system’s limitations, often resulting in spending more time and money remedying the system’s problems.

But how can a business tell if it should still seek for solutions from its current provider or change ERP altogether? Here are tell-tale signs that it’s best to switch.

Your business is spending too much time and money due to your system’s inefficiencies.

Your ERP is supposed to automate your system. Your business should not have to pay for complex third-party solutions. Your IT team should not be spending the majority of its time coming up with temporary solutions while your provider tries to fix the problem. A good ERP should allow you to create more business solutions; not consume your time and money coming up with fixes for its malfunctions.

Your ERP cannot adapt to your growing business.

Organisations change, and their ERP must change with them. Most ERPs, however, are not able to successfully change with the team. Other ERP providers often require a major update or configuration for this, disturbing a group’s transition. ERP solutions, like those provided by Unit4 Asia Pacific, can adapt to an organisation’s structural change giving businesses a seamless transition.

Your ERP cannot provide real-time information.

In today’s fast-paced world, real-time information is crucial for significant business decisions and daily business processes. Your executives should not have to message managers to update their reports every time they want to see the latest company figures. A good ERP system can help you analyse your business’ performance when you need to.

Changing your ERP system is understandably daunting at first, considering that you and your employees are used to your current system. But having an ERP system that fully meets your needs supports business growth and might even pay for itself.