Evaluating Different Education Recruitment Agencies

man having an interview with a womanAny school searching for assistance with filling vacant positions will instantly realise that there are hundreds of recruitment agencies in the market that can lend a hand. Choosing the right firm to work with could make all the difference in your school operations and even in caring for your students. Regardless of whether you need teachers, cover supervisors, nursery nurses or teaching assistants, Link Education presents three important questions that you should ask before hiring any education agency in London.

What Is Your Area Of Specialty?

It pays to choose professionals who understand the qualifications, skill sets, attitudes, work environments and other vital aspects that touch on having a profession within your industry. Choosing specialists who primarily cater for the staffing needs of schools could be an added advantage. It goes without saying that cursory understanding of your field alone puts you at the risk of getting applicants who are not a right cut for your needs.

How Are Potential Candidates Shortlisted?

Having knowledge of the hiring process of a prospective agency is important. You want to understand the practices and internal policies of different firms before you choose which one to work with you. Experts will handle advertising and later sort through CVs to find the ideal applicants to fit your school.

Are You Adequately Insured?

The aspect of insurance coverage should not be taken lightly. There are labour laws that dictate the hiring process and sometimes, one could get tangled in legal tussles. If you are going to hire a recruitment firm, then you need assurance that it could handle any legal issues easily. Proper insurance coverage should include adequate error and omissions policies.
The firm you choose would take up the duty of sourcing for suitable candidates that match your staffing requirements. Your responsibility will be ensuring that you find a company that is worthy of your trust. It should have what it takes to provide reliable and satisfactory assistance.