3 Ways to Make Pools Safer for Pets

Residential backyard with poolDo you have pets such as dogs and cats at home? How about an in-ground pool? Do you know that in-ground pools can also be safety hazards for your furry friends? Here are some ways on how to make your pool safer for your pets.

Install pool safety features.

Like small children, your pets can easily slip into the pools without you knowing. What better way to protect them than to install pool safety features like glass fences and pool covers.

Auckland Glass Ltd recommends contacting a supplier for glass balustrades in Auckland and ask how much it would cost to install a glass pool fence that’s just the right height to prevent your furry friends from slipping into the waters accidentally. As for pool covers, you can easily buy these at the hardware store or you can create a customized one for your pool, especially if the size and shape of your pool/s are a bit non-conventional.

Educate yourself with basic first aid.

There are cases when dogs can drown in your pool. What’s important is that you are aware of basic life-saving first aid, like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) for your pets. If you already know CPR, keep in mind that for pets, the techniques differ based on their size. It would be advisable to attend a seminar designed for pet safety and first aid.

Consider reducing the amount of chlorine in your pool.

Your furry friend’s sensory organs are more susceptible to chlorine irritation compared to humans. It’s advisable to lower the level of chlorine in your pool if you’re also after pet safety. Remember, if your dog drinks from the toilet from time to time, there’s no stopping them to take sips from the pool. This is why it’s important to install pool safety features, so your dogs won’t be able to get in and won’t suffer from high chlorine irritation.

Your in-ground pool can be a dangerous place for your pets so follow these pool safety tips to lessen the risks. And just like small children, it’s important to keep an eye on your pets so they don’t go around in the pool area without supervision.