Database Management: Can Small Businesses Afford the Microsoft SQL Server?

Person CodingOrganisations of any size can benefit from a database management system (DBMS). This system allows businesses to store, organise and use a large amount of data using a single software application.

Businesses can use this system for customer support, such as storing their contact information and specified preferences. They can also use a DBMS internally for various applications such as managing HR and employee records and payrolls in accounting.

Having a DBMS adds great value to a company, but small businesses only need limited features. Is it cost-effective to invest in an SQL Server?

The Advantages of Using Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft’s SQL Server is very fast and reliable. Businesses can easily access their data and do not experience problems as often as with other servers. The system allows database administrators (DBAs) to track and adjust performance levels to reduce resource use.

With the 2016 version, the system can be accessed on mobile devices. Plus, it works well with Microsoft products that most organisations use. Many small businesses, however, are reluctant to use Microsoft’s technology due to enterprise pricing and the need for in-house database administrators.

Small Business Solutions

Businesses with a bit of budget to stretch can invest in Microsoft’s Small Business Server. It can support either 25 or 75 users and provides tools for managing the business internet and intranet, supports folder and printer sharing and mobile devices. But having your own SQL Server requires having an in-house database administrator.

Another option for small businesses is to get remote support. SQL support provider DBA Services states that businesses can cut costs on licensing and management overhead through outsourcing. Another benefit is that businesses only spend on the SQL Server services that they need.

Database management systems automate multiple daily tasks and store important business data. A reliable server must be used to ensure that the DBMS runs smoothly and is secured from hackers and crashes. Small businesses that want to access these systems simply need to find the best solutions.