Your Baby’s First Visit to the Dentist: How to Prepare

Young boy on dental check upThere are many firsts for your baby: their first word, first step, first tooth, first smile, and more. You will never be able to prepare for some of these firsts. But, you can prepare for your child’s first visit to the dentist. To prevent cavities and other dental issues, your baby should have had their first dental appointment by their first birthday. Here are some tips to help you when planning the visit, as shared by Salt Lake Pediatric Dentist, a top dentist for kids in Utah.

Choosing a Pediatric Dentist

Finding any dentist might be easy, but you need to find one who is familiar and comfortable with toddlers and infants. The child’s first appointment should be by the age of one year or when the first tooth erupts. A trustworthy dentist will know how to handle scared children while also comforting nervous parents.

Preparing for the Visit

This visit should address any concerns you might have. Not only that, it should form the foundation of a long relationship, too. The ideal way to get ready is to evaluate what you would like to know and know what to expect. If possible, ask someone — family or a friend — to accompany you for assistance and support.

What to Expect

The first dental visit is like a well-baby checkup. The dentist will answer any of your questions and advise on their oral health. He or she will also review the baby’s history and thoroughly examine the child. The dentist may clean your child’s teeth especially if they have a stain which is common in infants.

Parents who are scared or hesitant to take their children to the dentist may pass on a negative attitude to the child about dental appointments. It is therefore essential to be a good role model or source of support for your child. When you work hand in hand with a good pediatric dentist, you can be sure of your child’s excellent oral health.