The Anti-Vehicle Theft Strategies You Should Implement ASAP

Robber and the car thief in a mask opens the door of the car and hijacks the car.According to the New Zealand police, a total of 12,105 theft and related offences took place from August 2015 to 2016, and another 6,642 cases of unlawful entry with intent, burglary, and breaking and entering. While many of these account for home-related crimes, a considerable number of them have to do with vehicles.

You definitely do not want to become part of the statistics this year, or in the future for that matter. As early as now, you should already implement greater safety and security measures not just at home, but also when it comes to your automobile. To avoid becoming a victim of such criminal behaviours, it is time you put these crime-deterring strategies into action:

Lock upgrade

Regardless of you taking the time to park your car in the garage, as long as its locks and security system remain outdated, thefts can bypass them easily and carry out their looting operations. The locks are the first thing you should upgrade, as they play a major role in creating an overall robust vehicle security. This is also one of the fastest and most effective ways highly qualified and reputable mobile locksmiths can help you with in deterring car-related crimes.

Additional security measures

You should also invest in innovative and advanced security devices, and make sure that you make it apparent you have equipped your car with them. For instance, in addition to installing a tracker on it, you should also place a sticker saying something along the lines of “this is a tracked and monitored vehicle.” This will deter thieves not just because they know they will have a harder time committing their crimes; it will also scare them off because of the possibility that law enforcement can catch them.

With just a few well-thought of and properly implemented security measures, you can prevent the major losses that these criminals can cause.