Make Employees Your Brand Ambassadors

People workingYour employees can be additional advertisers for your brand, for free, if you use their attention wisely. Sure, you’re paying them for their time, but what can they do for your company beyond that? Play your cards right, and they can be brand ambassadors in their free time.

Subtle Cues

The first rule of making your employees your brand ambassadors is not to tell them to advertise your brand blatantly. This will be a chore for them if they don’t believe in your brand’s credo in the first place. They are a part of your company for the benefits they get from it, but they expect that there is a line between work and personal life.

Your aim is to penetrate through that division. A simple gift of branded corporate clothing, or novelties such as umbrellas and mugs, can be used outside the office. If they like the quality and design of these, you’re already halfway there.

Being Believable

Now for the rest of the way, make employees want to be associated with your brand. Start with an advocacy that benefits everyone, and go beyond what you have to do just for sales. Employees love being a part of a brand that does some good in the world. Corporate community outreach programs are a great way to start.

Adding a little more humanity to your brand is the secret to getting willing employees as brand ambassadors. If they agree with what you’re standing up for, they will gladly be there to help you achieve your goals. Those branded shirts? You don’t need to require them to wear them. Those corporate talks? They’ll be front and center, eager to listen. And all you have to do is treat them a little kinder.

Your employees work for you, but they can do more than that. They can be your secret to success.