Tell-Tale Signs You Need to Replace Your Mattress

Man inspecting a mattressThe time will come when you need to go to a mattress store here in Columbia, SC to find a new mattress for your bed. Comfort expert City Mattress states that mattresses can last for years, even decades, yet even before their expiration date, mattresses can already cause sleep disturbances and body aches.

These signs mark the time that you need to replace your mattress.

Sign 1: Sleep Disturbances

New mattresses can feel comfortable to sleep in, yet in time, they can cause you to wake up in the middle of the night. When you have had regular sleep disturbances, you may have to check on your mattress.

You can further conclude that you have to replace the mattress when you sleep better on a hotel bed or your sofa.

Sign 2: Body Aches

Aside from sleep disturbances, you may also feel aches around your body. You may sustain back pain or neck pain for example. In such cases, you can first change out your pillows. When the new pillows fail to bring relief, then you know that you have to change your mattress.

Sign 3: Every Seven to Eight Years

For people over 40, sleep matters all the more. To ensure high-quality sleep every time you hit the sack, you can change your mattress every seven to eight years. Mattresses can last for 10 years, but even after seven or eight years, you can already feel the age of your bed.

Sign 4: Worn or Sagging Parts

You can also take worn or sagging portions of your mattress as signs that you need to replace it. Before you replace it, however, if you have a bed partner, you can first see if you can still sleep even if your bed partner gets up or rolls over. When you can sleep undisturbed, your mattress can still last for a while.

Sign 5: Allergic Reactions

Finally, when you find yourself sneezing or coughing whenever you head to bed, your mattress may have gathered too many allergens already. You can replace your mattress because of this to be free of the allergens.

With the signs above, you can easily replace your mattress when you need to.