Top 4 Ways to Get Money for an Emergency

young woman signing a loan contractRegardless of how good you are at managing your finances, a situation is going to come one of these days when you’ll need to raise money really quickly. When that time comes, you want to know you can get the money you need before things get out of hand. Here are a few ways you can raise cash in record time.

See a payday lender

Most payday lenders can provide cash loans in Salt Lake City within hours of application, some even shorter than that. You then need to pay back the loan plus interest within two weeks or so. One of the good things about payday loans is that you need not have a great credit score, just as long as you can prove you receive a regular paycheck.

Go to the pawnshop

For a long time, pawnshops have been a reliable source of fast cash for many borrowers around the world. Getting a loan from a pawnshop is really a simple process. You only need leave an item as collateral and then collect it upon repaying the loan.

Borrow online

There’s a plethora of online lenders out there that can provide tailor-made loan solutions for you at a moment’s notice. With most online lenders, they calculate your interest rate based on how good or bad your credit profile is. However, there are still lenders that can cater to borrowers with low credit scores.

Get a credit card cash advance

If you own a credit card, your bank should be able to provide a quick cash loan whenever you need it. You will then be able to access that cash through an ATM. Usually, the maximum amount of cash you can get is a fraction of your credit card limit. Although discouraged, there are times it’s OK to utilize credit card cash advances.

When an emergency strikes, you need to access cash quickly to take care of things. By knowing the options you have at your disposal, you can save yourself from a lot of anxiety during this time.