Your Child’s Dental Hygiene: Are You Falling Short?

kid boy brushing teethParents are not completely blameless when their kids develop cavities or tooth decay. If your children’s teeth are not in perfect condition, it is likely that you are falling short when it comes to dental hygiene. You may also be neglecting the importance of a healthy diet in keeping your little ones’ teeth healthy and strong.

A trusted pediatric dentist in Indianapolis cites a few habits that can put your child’s teeth at risk:

Letting them brush alone

You still need to supervise kids when brushing their teeth until eight to 12 years. This is to make sure every surface or corner of the teeth is clean. Note that many children don’t have enough motor skills to properly brush their teeth alone.

Putting them to bed with a bottle.

It is never a good idea to let babies sleep with a bottle of milk or juice in their mouth. This increases the likelihood of having baby bottle tooth decay. The same holds true if you let them carry a sippy cup or a bottle with sugary fluid in it all day.

Underestimating cavities

It is normal to think that cavities at an early are no big deal. But the truth is healthy baby teeth are important for maintaining enough space for adult teeth. If not treated immediately, cavities can cause problems in speech, sleep, and self-esteem.

Giving them soda and other sugary drinks

Soda and other sugary beverages are never part of a healthy diet. This is because they bathe teeth in acid and sugar, which cause enamel erosion and decay. It is best to eliminate this from your child’s diet or consume them occasionally.

Scheduling the first dental visit too late

According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, kids should see a dentist when their first tooth erupts or no later than their first birthday. This is to detect, treat, or prevent dental problems early.

Don’t let your little one suffer from tooth decay and other oral health problems. Be sure to keep up with regular brushing and dental visits to keep your child’s teeth healthy and strong.