Choosing the Right Mobile Aerial Work Platform to Use

Builders on a scissor liftFrom trimming and cutting trees hazardously sitting beside a transmission line, replacing advertising posters, to attaching windows of a five-story building, aerial work platforms have made difficult tasks easier to complete nowadays.

Aside from this useful piece of equipment, manufacturers made new platforms that are more portable, versatile and mobile than before.

Trailer Mounted Booms

Talking about mobility, most companies nowadays have opted to use or hire trailer-mounted aerial platforms such as cherry pickers and scissor lifts, or commonly known as booms, instead of cranes and telescopic handlers.

They designed these types of lifting equipment and mechanisms for jobs requiring only one or two people, and ones that do not need heavy lifting.

Designed for use on both high and low reach sections, these types of aerial work platform or booms are the top choices of many companies because of not only its versatility but also it is also easy to manoeuvre.

Also, you can use these trailer-mounted aerial platforms in different types of terrains, not to mention the most cost-effective choice.


Cherry pickers have a longer reach, easy access, movable and adapt to any kind of terrain. You can easily tow this type of aerial work platform using a pickup truck, an SUV or a jeep.

Even setting up this type of boom is quite easy; some machines are even powered by automatic self-levelling out-riggers for uneven terrains.

Lightweight as it is, you can also use this type of aerial work platforms indoors such as basketball courts and concert halls. However, its more common usage is for cutting down or trimming trees, and of course, in orchards and plantations, which is where it got its name.

Heavy Loads

Trailer-mounted scissor lifts have a shorter distance in terms of reach and can move only in a vertical direction, unlike the cherry picker. Yet they designed this type of boom specifically to carry heavier loads.

This is more commonly used in outdoor activities such as painting walls, cleaning windows and working on roof gutters of small buildings.