Do Great on the CompTIA Security+ Exam — Here’s How

a woman studying for a testThe CompTIA Security+ might seem intimidating, but it’s not as tough as you might think. The following are some tips on how to ace this important test.

Practice the real thing.

According to CertBlaster, you can find CompTIA security+ practice test offered on different websites, allowing you to simulate the feeling of taking the actual exam.

The important thing about this practice session isn’t just your score — it’s the amount of time you spend in the process. Make sure you have enough time to review your answers before the limit.

Get back to the hard ones.

If possible, try skipping the tough questions and come back to them afterward. Lingering on the hard parts will only cause frustration, not to mention, consumes valuable time.

Go straight to the next question because in some cases, you’ll have an idea of what to answer as you read further. Never leave a question blank, though.

Analyze the questions.

One of the main reasons people fail this exam is because they fail to analyze the questions properly. Remember that some of them can be tricky, so pay close attention to the sentences. Italicized, underlined, or bold text emphasizes that word. Make sure you factor that in when placing the answer.

Use the elimination technique.

You might not know the right answer to a question, but you do know that some choices are wrong because they correspond to something else. This lets you automatically remove certain choices from the possible answers until you have one left.

This is the process of elimination, it and works effectively when you’re not sure of what to say.

Go with logic.

When all else fails, go with a logical answer. Use your general knowledge to figure out what the correct choice should be. Only if you can do nothing else, go with your gut.

These are just some tips to bear in mind when taking the CompTIA Security+ exam. Of course, don’t forget to work hard and study ahead of the test.