Living with Asthma: Tips for Better Asthma Control

Girl with asthmaLiving with asthma can be excruciatingly difficult, especially for low-income families. Aside from having no insurance, many of them also find it challenging to pay for their medications. Fortunately, companies like have prescription financial assistance programs that can help you get quick-relief medicine for your asthma. Top this with active prevention practices to help you control your asthma symptoms.

Asthma in America

Statistics show that over 25 million people in the US suffer from asthma, and 7 million of these are children. With asthma being a long-term lung disease with no cure, treatment requires active prevention, cooperation with physicians, and various medicines. Albuterol, for example, as a quick-relief medicine, can reduce asthma symptoms when they suddenly act up.

How to continue treating your asthma

Even with your difficult financial state, you have to work closely with your physician to learn more about your specific case of asthma. The more you know, the better you can control your asthma.

Preventive practices

During the current holiday season, you should stay away from substances that can trigger your asthma. Christmas trees, wreaths, potpourri, and holiday air fresheners can all be triggers. For your safety, you can simply opt for an artificial tree and adorn your home with other decorations besides the ones mentioned.

When you want to stretch your limbs and exercise, prevention practices can immensely help. You simply have to choose the right workout that keeps your airways from narrowing. Yoga, Pilates, and swimming, for example, can be great workouts for those with asthma. Work with your physician for better prevention, and bring your medication with you as well.

Living with asthma need not be difficult for those in poverty. With medication assistance, the help of your physician, and preventive practices, you can live a happy life as you manage your asthma.