Emotional Consequences of Facial Trauma and the Benefits of Surgical Reconstruction

Doctor checking the face of patient for plastic surgeryPeople are concerned about the way they look because any change in their appearance is easily recognizable. In case of facial trauma, it is necessary to undergo medical and surgical procedures to restore a person’s former appearance. Nevertheless, people with facial trauma must also deal with several consequences.

Coping with facial trauma

Facial trauma may result in psychological issues, which leave emotional scars a person may have difficulty overcoming. Trauma to the face can impede social functioning, affect body image, and possibly lead to serious anxiety and depression.

Psychosocial factors influence how a person copes with the changes that accompany facial deformation, which is associated with physical injury, burns, or disease. Plastic surgery is an intervention most people can undergo. Experienced plastic surgeons can provide high standards of care because of the specialized training they acquired.

The benefits of facial reconstruction

A surgeon must manage injury to the bone, gums, teeth, muscles, tendons, and glands, so they can heal properly. Extensive facial trauma does not self-heal. Doctors may need to reposition facial bones and stabilize nasal cartilages. Allurebh.com also notes that deep cuts to muscles, fascia, and layers of fat must be cleaned for optimal healing.

Nasal trauma can affect a patient’s appearance and ability to breathe. Facial reconstruction may have optimal aesthetic outcomes when performed by a competent surgeon. IF done immediately, treatments of injuries to the nose and other parts of the face can promote long-term results and reduce the chances of other more extensive surgeries. Surgical procedures need not result in visible scars.

The effects of facial trauma usually lead to emotional distress. Psychological trauma can arise from the physical injury. Facial reconstruction offers results that make it possible for patients to come back to their normal happy life. Better outcomes are possible with the help of a skilled and experienced surgeon.