Why You Should Not Attempt DIY Conveyancing

Model house on top of calculatorBuying or selling a property is a lengthy process, and you need to follow all the stipulated rules to avoid getting into trouble in the future. When buying property, you will need to walk in and out of various offices, and you will handle a lot of paperwork before closing in on the deal. These transactions will cost you money, and you want to take the shortest route, DIY.

Though this is a convenient and cheaper option, you should not attempt to DIY the conveyancing process. Instead, hire professional house buying solicitors to do the conveyancing process on your behalf, advises The Conveyancing Network. Here are the reasons you should avoid DIY.


It is not uncommon to experience a breach of contract after closing in your property deal. Should it happen to you and you did DIY conveyancing, you will have a lot to deal with when you want to refinance your property.


Face the facts head-on, you are no expert in conveyancing and do not understand the technicalities of all the processes. Also, moving from one office to another to do all the paperwork will tire you and take much of your time. Unless you are not working, conveyancing will take up much time that you should be channeling into productive agendas.

Risk of penalty

Failure to follow the right procedures when dealing with property transactions is punishable by law, and you may have to part with some penalty charges. Properties are not the same, and the procedures in buying them are equally different. If you are buying a property with a mortgage, the procedures you will follow are different from those you would follow if you were buying the same property to rent it.

When buying, or selling a property, choose a professional house buying solicitor to do the conveyancing process. You will get quality services, save time, and most importantly your property transactions will be safe and within the bounds of the law.