5 Oral Health Conditions That Require Oral Surgery

An oral surgeryDo you have an oral problem? A general dentist can handle most issues with your teeth, gums or jaws. However, if you require surgery, your dentist may recommend oral surgery. Salt Lake City–based experts share five oral health problems that may necessitate oral or maxillofacial surgery.

1. Surgical extraction

Surgical extraction is more complicated than simple tooth pulling. This complicated dental procedure is done on impacted teeth, teeth that are wholly broken down or teeth severely damaged by gum disease.

Surgical treatment may also be needed if your tooth has long-curved roots, or the bone around the teeth that requires removal has become dense.

2. Malocclusion

Many people set appointments for oral surgery want to fix malocclusion caused by their jaws. Your dentist or orthodontist may also recommend orthognathic surgery if you have overbite or underbite caused by malformed jaws.

3. Chronic jaw-joint problems

Issues with the temporomandibular joint, the joint that connects the jaw to the skull, can cause problems, which include jaw pain, jaw-popping, and headaches. Oral surgery for TMJ issues may be an option if other treatments are not effective or you have recurring problems.

4. Cancer treatment

Oral surgeons can treat mouth cancers. They also handle cancers of the head and neck such as those that involve throat, larynx, and sinuses. Oral surgery also helps deal with face and mouth lesions, cleft lips, cleft palate and nerve issues.

5. Dental implant surgery

Dental implants are a preferred tooth replacement option. The procedure involves the positioning of a titanium implant (artificial tooth root) into the jaw and the placing of a crown (replacement tooth) on the implant.

Your oral surgeon will surgically embed the implant into your jawbone. Then your dentist will fix the replacement tooth.

Some oral health issues need more than a trip to a general dentist. After examining your mouth and taking some x-rays, your dentist may recommend oral surgery.