A First Timer’s Guide to Massage: 4 Things to Know

Woman getting a massage at a spaWhether you’re a 9-5 office worker, a cashier at a grocery store, a teacher, or a restaurant clerk, it’s natural to feel different types of pain and soreness in your body. Staring and typing in front of your computer repeatedly as well as standing up can cause some of the muscles in your body to work harder than others. Therefore, you deserve a massage by the end of the week.

Whether you opt for a Shiatsu, Swedish, or any Asian massage from a New York City spa, it’s important to know what to expect and how to behave inside the saloon, especially if it’s your first time. It would be helpful to know what to expect during your first session:

1. Discussion of your health history

People often get a massage to help release some pain and tension in their body. Your masseuse should definitely sit down with you first, however, and discuss your health history before starting the procedure. This is to avoid possible complications brought about by the massage to your health.

2. Let your preference be known

A woman would be more comfortable having a fellow woman massaging her and men would sometimes prefer their fellow men to loosen those tight muscles. Do not be afraid to tell your preference beforehand because the whole point of this session is to let you feel more comfortable and not the opposite.

3. Strip at your own comfort

Some would prefer having their massage bare naked, while others are more conscious and would want to keep their undies on. Keep in mind that your masseuse will and should never let you strip beyond what is comfortable for you.

4. Hydrate beforehand

The goal of a massage is to release unwanted toxins and by doing so, you release water during the process. Make sure to keep yourself hydrated 24-hours prior to your session to avoid dehydration.

Your first massage session can make you feel anxious, but knowing what to expect and how to act can help ease the tension. Learn to enjoy each session by letting yourself go and relax.