Visiting a Dentist in the UK

a dentist chairIf moving cities is daunting, spare a thought for people moving to London from another country. It may be some help that London is the capital of a country have the world it’s international language, but even so, the city is huge and busy. However, some services, such as those provided by a good dentist in Harley Street, need to be sorted out as soon as possible. It’s important not to leave finding a good dentist until a dental emergency arises.

Finding a dentist in Harley Street makes sense for new arrivals. They have to have private care and Harley Street is renowned as the street containing high-class, reputable medical and dental professionals, such as those at Harley Street Dental Clinic.

When someone is unfamiliar with how a country works because they have not been there very long, having a centre containing all the services for one profession can save a lot of trouble, footwork and headaches. A dentist in Harley Street that can offer every kind of dental service under one roof is so useful; even better if they can also provide a range of spoken languages — not every patient can talk fluently about their dental needs in English, even if it is the world’s most popular second language.


UK dentists recommend that most patients come for a check-up every six months. This gives the dentist an opportunity to check for early signs of decay and gum disease. Both problems their early stages don’t cause much pain, so by the time the patient becomes aware of them, they are so much harder to treat. The dentist will also check for mouth cancer and wear and tear that could later lead to decay. Some patients, such as pregnant women and people with uncontrolled type 2 diabetes may be asked to come for a check-up more often.


Young patients need to start coming to the dentist as soon as their first teeth start to appear. Decay is more prevalent in children, who may not have yet got to grips with the art of tooth brushing. Coming in young also allows the child to become used to the dentist and not develop dentophobia.