Dealing with Thyroid Disease Through Exercise

Woman getting thyroid checkedProper nutrition is the key in the treatment of thyroid disorders. Researchers from various universities, such as those in Chicago, Seattle, Boise, and Colorado, for instance, have made studies attempting to relate good dietary habits to thyroid health.

Aside from good nutrition, and medical treatment, many endocrine specialists, and wellness centers across the US couldn’t stress enough the importance of exercise in dealing with thyroid problems.

More research

A recent study by the University of Carolina says that our endocrine system, which is responsible for the secretion of our body’s hormones, reacts positively to exercise. In fact, physical activity can significantly improve the reaction of hormones and can regulate hormone production.

Another research suggests that the proteins and molecules released by our skeletal muscle tissues greatly benefit our endocrine organs. The body produces these bioactive molecules with enough exercise.

Hormones and exercise

Stress is a possible factor in acquiring thyroid diseases, and thus, a structured exercise program can contribute in dealing with everyday stress. One study found that exercise benefited some patients so well that they were able to successfully stop taking thyroid medications altogether.

Aside from improving metabolism, regular physical activities can also manage weight gain, depression, and fatigue in hypothyroid patients. For hyperthyroid patients, exercise can help regulate anxiety, sleeplessness and mood changes.

Exercise can also help in strengthening the muscles and boosting energy levels. For patients with autoimmune diseases, doing regular aerobic exercises increases the levels of hormones, thus lowering the negative effects of thyroid disorders.

However, specialists have warned that patients with thyroid problems seek the advice of their doctors first before doing any workout. Experts also suggest that exercise programs should start with less intense workouts, such as yoga or 20-minute light cardio exercise drills a day.