3 Ways You Can Support a Grieving Friend

Friends consoling each other Losing a loved one is never easy. People who are grieving are often in a very bewildered place in their heads, on account of the shock and disbelief of the series of events. This, in turn, can affect other people around them. Not to mention, the grieving family must deal with the stress of funeral arrangements, such as organizing an affordable funeral.

In Ogden, Aaron’s Mortuary & Crematory knows that families need grief support as they go through the event of losing their loved one. If you are a close friend of the grieving family, there are ways for you to give them this support, too. Here are a few tips on how to help a family in the process of grieving.

1. Don’t Avoid Them

Though the grieving family may tend to isolate themselves now more than usual, don’t shy away from them. You’ll never know if they want someone to just sit with them or provide a shoulder to cry on. When they want to be alone, they’ll tell you, anyway. What’s important is to let them feel that they can count on you to be there when they need you.

2. Use Your “Same Boat” Card

This will only work if you’ve also experienced losing a loved one. If you have, it’s a very powerful tool to empathize with them and make them feel that it won’t always be that difficult. Don’t ever compare it to losing a pet because that would seem more like an insult than a show of support.

3. Let Them Cry or Be Silent When They Want To

Saying “don’t cry” won’t work at all. It’ll just make the grieving persons feel neglected, as it will come across as though you have neither the patience nor the compassion to deal with their grief. If they start tearing up, give them time to let it out until they calm down. If they tell you that they want to be alone, then let them be. This will show them the sympathy and the care you have for them.

These tips may seem like common sense, but these are the things most people tend to forget when they have grieving friends. Showing that you’re willing to be there when they need you to be will make a big impact on alleviating some of the pain.