Learn More About Penge with These 3 Facts

Couple moving to LondonHow much do you know about London? If you are planning to live in this fascinating city, it is possible that you still have a lot to venture and explore before moving — and one of them is Penge. To prepare you for a probable long-term stay, here are three facts to know:

1. Penge is steep in history

While many parts of London have kept up with the times, some regions have retained much of its charm. For example, some schools in Penge have buildings that kept their 1800s and 1900s architecture. It makes learning not only entertaining, but also a fun experience as the children learn more about their community’s story.

2. It is a commuter’s haven

A long time ago, Penge was almost unheard of. Not only was it a small town, it was near a forested area. In fact, it is the reason how it got its name. Penge is a Celtic word that means the edge of the woods. It became more prominent when different modes of transport came to the area.

It is undeniably a commuter suburb. Despite its size, it has three rail stations and major roads. Many buses also serve the community, and they can take you to Bromley, Central London, Peckham, and Dulwich. At present, its population is approximately more than 17,000.

3. It has a pretty active social life

Should you fancy a drink and meet new people, you have a lot of choices in Penge. It has several pubs, taverns, and public houses you can drop by. A number of them have been around during the early years of the area. Some may have already changed their names, but the oldest — the Crooked Billet — is still around.

Penge does not have the usual skyscrapers you see in other parts of London, but it is a charming area that gives you a taste of the countryside and a more laid-back life. Further, its history adds more colour, making it worth the visit and residence.