5 Lifestyle Changes That Relieve Dry Eyes

Close-up shot of man with green eyesDry eyes condition can make your eyes burn or itch and even hurt your vision. Luckily, an eye doctor in Hamilton Canada can help you add tears, conserve tears, or increase your tear production. Meanwhile, the following environmental and lifestyle changes can help offer some relief:

Cut back on your screen time

People blink less when their peepers are fixed onto screens. Too much time on the computer or other gadgets can then dry out the eyes.  Regularly blink when staring at screens. Also, take periodic breaks from digital devices. Use artificial tears if your eyes burn, itch, or water while you’re using your computer or smartphone.

Clean your eyelids

Frequent and gentle cleaning of the eyelids can help remove dried oil and other gunk that may be blocking the tear glands. Washing also helps control the inflammation that may prevent the normal flow of oil to your eye. Talk to an eye doctor about the best way to clean your lids.

Add moisture

Lack of sufficient moisture in the air can irritate dry eyes further. Use a humidifier to increase humidity to indoor air both at home and at work.

Shade your peepers

Wraparound sunglasses can help reduce exposure to the sun and drying winds. Also, wear protective eyewear when riding a bike to prevent the wind from drying out your eyes.

Tweak your diet

Essential fatty acids might help reduce your dry eye symptoms. Flax oil, eating fatty fish and nutritional supplements with omega-3 fatty acids can increase the oil in your tears. Consequently, your tears will not evaporate too quickly. Talk to your optometrist about dietary changes that could relieve your dry eye problems.

Dry eyes happen when you don’t have sufficient quality tears to lubricate and nourish your peepers. If dry eye is affecting your comfort and vision, talk to your eye doctor. The doctor will measure the volume and quality of your tears and advice you accordingly.