Investment Opportunities UK: Where to Start?

British pound coinsAnyone with some spare cash to invest — whether that’s a retiree who wants to make the most of their life savings or a businessperson looking to boost their profit — needs good information to invest wisely.

Investment introducer firms such as Amyma in London can help investors make the most of the available investment opportunities the UK.

These companies don’t provide financial advice: what they do offer is information and clarity in a crowded marketplace. As they work day in, day out, in the ever-changing world of investments, they have their finger on the pulse of which funds are most suitable for particular clients.

How Does It Work?

The first step for an investor is to meet with a representative from an introducer agency. This because they need to get a full and in-depth picture of what kind of investor they are. Do they have a high level of knowledge and experience when it comes to investments? How much capital do they have to invest? What kind of return are they looking for, and in what timescale?

Once the agent has a full picture of the hopes and dreams of the investor, they can begin to draw up a list of relevant schemes for this client.


The next stage is self-certification. This is a form that declares what kind of investment the funder is looking for, which is then sent, by the introducer agent, to the relevant organisations.

Making the Choice

The investees then send their promotional material direct to the investor, so they can decide if they want to go ahead. The investor can, at this point, choose to then deal directly with the organisation they are planning to fund.

The agent can also continue to be involved and share the relevant information between the two parties to ease the wheels of the investment process.

Investment Opportunities UK: Forming the Partnership

Once the decision to go ahead is made, the investor still has a 14-day cooling-off period in case they change their mind. When this has passed, they will be sent a welcome pack and the partnership is registered with Companies House, until such time as the investment matures and the contract is dissolved.