New Zealand: Home of Creative House Designs

Beautiful house in Auckland, New ZealandNew Zealand is a country that embraces individuality. From your clothing style to the architecture of your home, nothing is stopping you from expressing yourself. It would be a shame not to take advantage of such freedom, especially when you are designing your own home.

While there are plenty of unique house designs that challenge the limits of construction and architecture, you do not have to go over the top when it comes to your residence. Incorporating these design elements should already be enough:

Outdoor Views

Whoever said the grass is greener on the other side must have been looking at New Zealand, where your house can be situated somewhere with views worthy of a million-dollar build. Even with a modest budget, however, you can showcase the outdoor views and see the changing of seasons right from your living room. The secret is using glass, from floor-length windows to a frameless glass balustrade, for unobstructed views.

Strength Against the Elements

It would be devastating–literally–to have a beautiful house that cannot withstand the elements. It is an important part of building in New Zealand, particularly if you have chosen a site that is difficult or challenging. The risk taker in you wants the house to look frail and delicate, and you can do that, but make sure you still use reinforced elements that can withstand strong earthquakes and other problems nature can bring.

Reclaimed Furniture

You live your life a certain way because you have beliefs, and those beliefs translate to how you design things. If you believe in saving the earth and living a sustainable lifestyle, show it through the use of reclaimed furniture. If you need to excavate the land to build a house, use the bedrock and soil around the constructed building. You may also use reclaimed wood for indoor furnishings.

You owe it to New Zealand to make the most of the land you purchased without destroying the nature surrounding it. Be clever and mindful when you build and design.