Grow Your Business With the Help of Certified Truck Drivers

a Truck Driver Looking at the Side MirrorMoving over ten billion tons of freight, the American trucking sector generated over $670 billion in revenue in 2016. These growing figures spell good news for the players in the lucrative industry. A thriving economy results in an increasing demand for freight, promising a bright future.

Regardless of the size of your company, you can improve your services and have a bigger slice of this pie. Other than having a fleet of reliable trucks, you need to fill your ranks with professional drivers as well from firms such as Centerline Drivers.

You need to keep this in mind whenever you have truck driving job openings in the company.

Avoid traffic fines and penalties

The American Highway Code imposes hefty fines and penalties on errant truck drivers that could run into hundreds of thousands of dollars. Staffing your ranks with certified drivers lowers the chances of falling victim to these penalties.

Professional drivers account for both fuel and cargo weight, a common cause of overloading, before taking to the road. They are also skilled in the routine safety and maintenance checks that prevent damages, errors, and accidents.

It means that they will not accept any cargo that exceeds the gross vehicle weight rating when loading up.

Lower fuel consumption and maintenance costs

Next to having a fleet of fuel-efficient trucks, having a team of conscious drivers is essential to reducing your operating costs. Lowering the top speed of your trucks to about 62 miles an hour does wonder on your fuel economy. It increases your fuel mileage to six miles a gallon.

While that might seem negligible, the savings add up quickly in the year. Considering that your trucks cover millions of miles yearly, the savings could run into millions. To keep your drivers happy, you can kick back some of the savings back to them.

With the right approach, you can cash in on the growing trucking sector in the country and report brisk business. Filling your ranks with qualified drivers lets you hit the ground running.