Ideal Types of Guitars for Beginners

Group Of Students Playing In School Orchestra TogetherGuitarists are among the most laid back people in the world. This is because of the immense benefits guitar playing offers. Research has shown that 100 minutes per day of playing the guitar can relieve stress, enhance your mood, alleviate chronic pain and boost the cardiovascular system.

Finding a good teacher for your guitar lessons in Lehi is hence imperative. The lessons will not only boost your creativity but also go a long way in boosting your mental and physical well-being. The first step towards perfection is to buy a good guitar. Here are ideal guitar types for beginners.

Classical Guitar

This is also called a nylon string acoustic guitar. It is reasonably priced, and its design consists of a broad fretboard, which accommodates a beginner’s inexperienced fingers and allows them to have minimal interference from adjacent strings.

The nylon strings are also easy to pluck and hence don not cause aching fingertips.

Steel-String Acoustic Guitar

This is commonly simply called an acoustic guitar. An acoustic guitar is loud, bright and extremely versatile accommodating jazz, rock and folk tunes. It is also inexpensive, and its strings allow you to hone your guitar playing skills.

Electric Guitars

These guitars will add some fun to your lessons. They are easy to play since they have low string action though they require some amplification to be adequately heard.

Electric guitars have narrow fret-boards, which need a high level of skill for precise fingering and to avoid unintentionally muting some of the strings. This is however beneficial for beginners as it allows them to sharpen their skills and play on virtually any guitar.

All the guitars mentioned above have different pros and cons, although they are all perfect for beginners. You might think low-cost guitars are a good idea in case you quit playing. A good instrument will, however, be easier to play and encourage you. You should spare no cost in getting a good guitar.