Know Your Target to Build Houses They’ll Want to Buy

Home For Sale Real Estate Sign and Beautiful New HouseProperty developers don’t just make houses from whatever they fancy. They keep their target market in mind. After all, it will be hard to sell a house if your intended buyer just doesn’t like the way it looks.

As a home builder, you’ll want to consider the following demographics to get your houses selling:

Extended Families

Depending on what you read, you’ll get a different idea of millennial homebuyers. On one side you have those young adults who are staying at home or going back home to live with their parents. The main reason is that they cannot afford to buy a house. Those are not your target. But watch out for the parents who are looking to upsize to accommodate more of the family. They’d look at storage space as a selling factor, which means you should keep close to RTA cabinets wholesale providers to make house prices manageable.


It’s not just families that buy houses. According to The Real Deal, single women are eager to plant roots while their male counterparts are more afraid of real estate commitments. Single women are affected by rising rent prices, which makes buying a house more favorable to them. Knowing that you are catering to a single woman, whether they will be living alone or with a child in the house, you can add features and amenities that work for their needs.


It would be a great regret to discount millennials from your target market. More of them are snatching up real estate, and as with everything else in their life, they are particular about what they want. An open layout, for example, appeals to them more than houses with a wine cellar or home theater. They prefer to have the freedom to use the house however they want, instead of having rooms that dictate how they should live.

There’s plenty to think about when you are making houses for other people. Thinking is easier if you know who you’re making them for and what they need.