When Mobi-C is Appropriate for Spinal Treatments

Therapist correcting the backIf you are one of the thousands of Americans every year who receive therapies to relieve pain in your spine but still feel pain, you might consider a Mobi-C procedure as one of your options. A spine specialist is the physician you should see, but what is Mobi-C?

Mobi-C is a revolutionary technology that replaces cervical discs. Several specialists can do the Mobi-C procedure in Fort Worth. But when do you need the procedure? Many websites like texasdiscreplacement.com explain that the following factors influence when a patient should have one.

When non-surgical therapy no longer works

With spine issues, typical procedures would be non-surgical. Undergoing physical therapy is standard. The use of braces for the neck as well as injections to relieve pain are recommended as well. But when symptoms do not go away and, worse, they become severe, a surgical procedure is the last option. Mobi-C along with the common anterior cervical discectomy and fusion (ACDF) procedures are the recommendations.

The ACDF is a traditional procedure that requires invasive surgery. It is still the most subscribed procedure because it has good results for patients. However, the arrival of Mobi-C has solved the ACDF’s issues with safety and effectivity.

When a safer procedure is needed

The pressure on the spinal cord or the nerve root is the target of spinal surgical procedures. Since the spine is very sensitive, safety is the utmost concern. Mobi-C spares your bones without operating on the vertebrae of the cervical spine.

Mobi-C is indicated for disc reconstruction to reduce or eliminate arm pain and related neurological issues, correct abnormalities of the disc space, and treat loss of disc height. It replaces the cervical intervertebral disc to ensure segmental mobility or to maintain disc height.

You should contact your physician if you feel that your spine therapy no longer addresses the pain you experience.