4 Most Common Dental Procedures to Expect from Your Clinic

dentist checking her patient's teethPromoting dental health is very important today. With the rise of junk food, carbonated drinks, sweets, and other unhealthy food options, having dental problems has become rampant among people of all ages.

Dentists have years of specialization and training in making sure you have healthy teeth and gums. The world of dentistry is continually changing as new technologies emerge. But, even though dental procedures change over time, the purpose remains the same. Here are the most common dental procedures you can expect when visiting your dentist in Stafford.

1. Tooth Extraction

A tooth extraction means to remove a damaged or impacted tooth for permanent relief. The most common causes for extraction is when the tooth is damaged, there is a disease that affects the tooth and its socket, and if there is crowding.

Some cases involve the removal of the wisdom tooth due to the lack of space for development in the jaw. As a result, the tooth becomes impacted and needs to be removed.

2. Dental Fillings and Repair

Along the way, your teeth may suffer from damage due to dental caries or cavities. Dentists repair or restore the tooth through a dental filling. The common types include porcelain, gold, amalgam, and a composite resin.

3. Crowns and Implants

After tooth extraction, you’ll have a missing tooth in your oral cavity. To repair this, the dentist can recommend a crown or implant. Crowns and implants are used to replace a missing tooth.

4. Teeth Whitening

Due to lifestyle practices like smoking or drinking coffee, your teeth can turn yellowish. To restore its white color, teeth whitening is a common procedure. There are teeth whitening kits available, but it’s best if the procedure is done in the clinic of an experienced dentist.

There are numerous dental procedures and services you can get when you visit your dentist. Make sure to get these services only from licensed dental practitioners.